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About Us

Hanan's Academic Development Center ...

Is a full-service early childhood center and K-8 Private School in Miami Dade county.

We provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment to help children develop within themselves.


We teach the foundational habits, attitudes, skills, and ideas essential for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.


Parents are also mentored so they will utilize appropriate developmental practices in the home to strengthen the entire family, by extending healthy living and learning from birth through early childhood and into young adulthood.


Hanan’s Academic Development Center was founded in 2005 by Hanan K. Ali, a Miami Dade County Public School Teacher. As the founder of Hanan’s Academic Development Center, Mrs. Ali recognized the need for quality early childhood education. As a Center Director, Mrs. Ali knew she could make a difference in meeting the needs of our children and our overall community by providing alternative ways for students to achieve success. These alternative ways would better prepare the children for elementary school. Upon researching various curricula, Mrs. Ali chose the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies to be most suitable for her program. After months of sweat equity by Mrs. Ali and her husband, Mr. Harold Smith, the child care facility opened in the Fall of 2006 with 3 students and 1 staff member. After a few short months, word began to spread about the center and the enrollment increased. Over the years Mrs. Ali and Mr. Harold, as he is affectionately called by children and staff, have both won the love of the community and its families. Hanan’s offers out-of-school programs for the school children from the neighboring public schools, parenting classes, and other resources for the community. In 2013, Mrs. Ali decided to expand her center and offer elementary education. This expansion allowed Mrs. Ali to see children progress from infancy to middle school and with the help of her family and now with a roster of 20 staff members, her vision and dream are coming to fruition.


“It all starts in the first 720 days — pre-K, K, 1, and 2. If you don’t get those right, the last 720 days — grades 9, 10, 11, 12 — won’t be right.” 

                                                                                                Dr. Jerry Weast

Upcoming Events:
Fall Session for Infants,
Toddlers, Preschoolers, and VPK
Now accepting applications!  

Register before August 1 and the $50 registration fee will be waived!

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